Thu, Jul 18, 2024

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FSCA Releases Sustainable Finance Consumer Risk Report and Roadmap 2024

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has unveiled one of its latest publications, focusing on sustainable finance consumer risks and the Sustainable Finance Roadmap for 2024. Divided into two parts, Part A of the report delves into the risks faced by financial consumers within the sustainable finance realm, outlining available consumer protection tools and responses. Part B outlines recent developments and planned actions within the FSCA’s Programme of Work on Sustainable Finance, emphasizing the authority’s pivotal role in ensuring credible and consistent information in South Africa’s financial market.

This publication builds upon the FSCA’s 2023 Statement on Sustainable Finance, which introduced a comprehensive work program supported by capacity building, research, stakeholder engagements, and regulatory framework development. Moving forward, the FSCA commits to engaging and collaborating with stakeholders to refine and integrate insights into the regulatory landscape.

Please click here to view the full press release.

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