About the Journal

The SA Financial Regulation Journal is the official financial regulation journal of the South African Institute of Financial Markets and serves as a platform where financial regulation practitioners can share their knowledge. The importance of financial regulation has accelerated over the decade since the financial crisis and it has become necessary to provide a platform where knowledge and understanding can be shared between regulators, financial markets practitioners and financial regulation practitioners. SAIFM has established its track record in the field of regulation by conducting examinations in the field of financial regulation for almost 20 years. Furthermore, SAIFM also hosts the highly successful annual Regulatory summit (www.regulatorysummit.co.za) as well as regular workshops throughout the year on financial market and regulatory topics (www.saifm.co.za). The logical next step was to establish a financial regulation journal to further promote excellence and integrity in financial markets of which financial regulation has become an important part.

Practitioners who write articles not only contribute to enhancing knowledge about financial regulation in the financial industry at large but also create a profile for themselves and the companies where they work. Practitioners will improve their skills by both reading the journal or writing an article and will be able to claim the requisite CPD points.

The focus of the magazine is to educate and inform financial market practitioners including financial regulation practitioners. The topics broadly cover regulation of capital markets, derivatives, financial services, investments, fintech as well as any other topics that may be of interest to practitioners. Both international developments as developments on South Africa will be covered.

The South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) is a non-profit professional association established to promote integrity and professionalism among its affiliate members, full members and fellows who practice as financial market practitioners or financial regulation practitioners. SAIFM offers the registered persons examination (RPE), the JSE examinations (equity trader, compliance, settlement examinations) and Strate examinations.

If you are interested in contributing to the Financial Regulation Journal please submit your article ideas (title plus a brief outline of what you want to cover) to Christie-anne van Wyngaardt at christie@saifm.co.za. The editorial committee will decide in their sole discretion whether or not to accept a particular article for publication.