Thu, Jun 13, 2024

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SAIFM’s Input on FSCA Draft

SAIFM, under the guidance of our Board and its Chair, Adam Reeves, has thoughtfully reviewed the FSCA Draft Conduct Standard for Managers of Collective Investment Schemes. We appreciate the opportunity to share our insights.

In our review of the FSCA Draft Conduct Standard, SAIFM emphasizes the need for:

•             Clarity on the definition of “Authority.”

•             General guidance on proportionality.

•             Clear guidelines for taking action against distributors.

•             Acknowledges the user-friendly format.

SAIFM is willing to assist in addressing the gap in specific qualifications for managers. For a comprehensive understanding of SAIFM’s input on the FSCA Draft Conduct Standard, please see the full comments document here.

SAIFM remains committed to contributing constructively to the enhancement of the financial regulatory landscape.

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