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Sat 20 Apr, 2019
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Insurers use the F word to beat fraud

Facebook, according to Statista, had 2.32 billion monthly active users by the fourth quarter of 2018. Thanks to Facebook, you can post videos, brag about your children, announce your new job or even moan about your former boss to people all over the world, instantly.

Jumping the gun: Hefty fines proposed by the Competition Commission for...

The Competition Commission has released Guidelines for the Determination of Administrative Penalties for Failure to Notify Mergers and Prior Implementation of Mergers (the Guidelines). 

The hallmarks of an effective RMCP: Section 42 of FICA

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act, No 38 of 2001 (FICA) and the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, No 121 of 1998 (POCA) are South Africa’s cardinal pieces of legislation aimed at achieving compliance with its international obligations to combat, amongst others, money laundering and terrorist financing as well as strengthening financial systems against the threat of economic crime.

Controlled foreign company comparable tax threshold to be decreased

The 2019 Budget noted that a global downward trend in corporate taxation rates may lead to an unintended increase in the imputation of controlled foreign companies' (CFCs') net income in South African shareholders' taxable income.

Further amendments to the VAT electronic services regulations

Revised regulations to prescribe and clarify the electronic services (e-services) supplied by foreign suppliers to South African consumers which are subject to VAT were proposed in 2018, which significantly broadened the scope of ‘e-services’.

Deducting interest for debt incurred during acquisition of shares

It has always been a contentious issue whether a purchaser of shares can claim a deduction for the interest that it incurs on monies borrowed to acquire the shares.