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Wednesday 19 September, 2018
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International Regulators Announce Plans for a Global Innovation Sandbox

Spurred by the increasingly rapid growth of innovative business models and technologies, financial services regulators from around the world have jointly announced plans to create a Global Financial Innovation Network ("GFIN") for improving cross-border cooperation, collaborating on policy work, and enabling simultaneous cross-border testing of innovative ideas in a global regulatory sandbox.

The tax effect of terms of financing instruments

Crookes Brothers Limited v C:SARS is a rare case that deals with South African transfer pricing. The court considered the application of an exemption for equity-like loans and concluded that loans that could be payable within 30 years from the date advanced in certain circumstances did not qualify for the exemption.

FCA – Call for input on PRIIPS

The introduction of PRIIPs has not been plain sailing for investment product providers and even after a lengthy gestation period, there are still a number of uncertainties in how PRIIPs should be applied in terms of scope and also in terms of the content of the Key Information Document.

Licensing requirements for OTC Derivatives Providers published (and deadline extended)

On 27 July 2018, the newly established Financial Sector Conduct Authority (“FSCA”) published the final Conduct Standard, No 1 of 2018, setting out the Criteria for Authorisation of OTC Derivatives Providers (“ODPs”).

Reassurance for taxpayers seeking debt relief

Debt restructuring and relief within the business environment have been undertaken since time immemorial. Given the current economic climate, such debt restructuring and relief has increased and thus received concomitant increased attention from the relevant tax and finance authorities.

Further Hurdles for Regulatory Approval of Notifiable Mergers in South Africa

On 12 July, the Competition Amendment Bill was introduced in Parliament, substantially revising the earlier version of the Bill.